financial security

great interest rates

  • 3 months to 60 months fixed rate Certificates of Deposit are available
  • Interest paid by check, credited to another account, or compounded to certificate
  • 2nd chance Certificate of Deposit on 36 month terms

Certificates of Deposit

Effective Date: 07/15/2024
 Interest RateAPY
3 Months*.55%.55%
6 Months*.60%.60%
12 Months*.65%.65%
18 Months*.70%.70%
24 Months*.75%.75%
30 Months*.80%.80%
36 Months*.85%.85%
48 Months*.95%.95%
60 Months*1.05%1.06%
*The information above is accurate as of the effective date. Interest Rates may change after an account is opened and these rates will be posted as of their effective date. Maintenance and / or activity fees may reduce earnings. APY = Annual Percentage Yield The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) assumes interest remains on deposit until maturity. A withdrawal of interest or any withdrawal may reduce earnings and a penalty may be applied on some accounts for early withdrawals. A minimum balance is required on all checking accounts (except electronic and copper accounts), savings (except Santa Savers), all CD, IRA and money market accounts. Interest Rates subject to change daily.


Contact a FirstOak Staff member for specific account information.