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Effective Date: 11/19/2019

Personal Savings

simple and easy to get started

• $100 opening balance
• quarterly statements
• earns interest

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Young Savers

our most progressive account

• for kids 18 and under
• minimal Opening Balance
• earns greater interest than many other accounts

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Santas Savers

Our most rewarding account

• no minimum balance
• no opening balance required
• earns interest when balance is $99 or more

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savings comparison


Young Savers

Santa Savers

Opening Deposit $100 $25 $0
Minimum Balance $100 $25 $0
Interest* 0.30%
0.30% APY*
0.40% APY*
0.40% APY*

Interest Paid annually if balance is
greater than $99
Statements Quarterly Quarterly Yearly
Monthly Withdraws 6


Not permitted
Age Requirements None 18 and under None
Online Banking Free Free Free

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*The information above is accurate as of the effective date and that maintenance or activity fees could reduce earnings on accounts where the annual percentage yield is disclosed.
*Interest Rates subject to change daily.