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Confirmation Codes

Online and Mobile Banking has a feature to identify users and prevent hackers from logging in to your accounts. To do this, it learns about your online and mobile banking usage and uses what it learns to decide whether a new login request is likely to be you or not. The system was upgraded recently and is in the process of learning. When it encounters anything unfamiliar it uses confirmation codes to prove that you are you, and then remembers the new details when you enter the confirmation code. In this case, it is detecting changes in your internet address, which will vary depending on where you are when you access your accounts. As the system learns all of the internet addresses you use frequently, it will no longer need to confirm your identity as often.

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Not getting your statements to open can be frustrating! Normally this issue is caused by settings on your computer. Try adding the web address to your trusted sites. Another common issue is the pop up blocker – this can prevent the statement from opening. Try adding to your pop up blocker settings.

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