paying your bills has never been easier

quickly pay your bills online using firstoak billpay

Bill Pay is a service available in conjunction with Online Banking that deducts funds from your account to pay your bills using our current Online Banking website and your existing login and password. The Bill Pay function will debit funds from your account electronically.

Pay bills in minutes, online

Pay anyone, anytime

same day payments

pay recurring bills automatically

How it works

Bill Pay sends electronic payments when possible allowing quick payments. Some companies may not be able to accept electronic payments and Bill Pay will print a check and mail it to the recipient on your behalf.

Recurring Payments

Bill Pay allows you to setup recurring payments so you’re never late on your bills

Same Day Payments

FirstOak Bank now offers Same Day Payments on most direct deposits and most bill payments.

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Bill Pay Fee

There is a minimal monthly fee for the convenience of Bill Pay. This $3.00 per month fee will be deducted from the account that you designate as your primary Bill Pay account.

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Register for online banking

To take advantage of our bill pay service, you must be registered for internet banking.

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