A MasterCard® debit card works a lot like an ATM card; Use it at stores and restaurants, hotels and grocery stores – anywhere MasterCard is accepted – or to withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide. And know that for this remarkable financial tool, you pay nothing.*Nothing, as in no fees and no interest.

How is that possible? Like an ATM card, every transaction is automatically debited from your checking account, not charged and billed monthly. This, in the long run, might actually make you a better money manager.

Other benefits include:

•It’s widely accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard logo, and more readily accepted than checks

•You can leave cash and the checkbook at home, and there’s no need to get traveler’s checks for your holiday trips.

•Decide you do need cash? Just use your check card at an ATM or retailer where you can get cash back.

MasterCard Check cards are available to all FirstOak Bank Checking account customers.

*If you use a bank’s ATM other than FirstOak Bank you may be charged a fee by the owner of the bank you are using.

If your card is lost or stolen after hours please contact @ 1-800-500-1044.