Login to FirstOak Bank using your Finger or Facial Recognition

You may already be using a Biometric Login. Chances are, you are already logging on to devices and apps using a biometric login don’t even know it. Biometric Identification uses your finger print and your face to recognize you and login in. Biometric login relies on “Who You Are” since it uses something on your skin or the makeup of your face rather that “What You Have” which is a traditional username and password that can easily be stolen.

Biometic login has a number of benefits to you.

Increased security

Your finger print and / or the make up of your face are nearly impossible to forge giving you piece of mind.
Since your finger print and your face are one of a kind, the authentication is nearly 100% accurate.


Biometric logins are easy to setup and mean that you’ll no longer have to remember lengthy passwords and can rely solely on your thumb print or your face. This means no more “Forgot Password”.

The FirstOak Bank mobile app offers Biometric Login using your fingerprint or face recognition.

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