Three most common types of cyber fraud you should know about:

  1. Phishing: fraud through legitimate looking emails
  2. SMiShing: phishing via texts and SMS messages
  3. Vishing: voice phishing via phone calls

Phone numbers, emails and links to websites can look like real communications from trusted sources when they could be scams.  Messages encourage you to react quickly and if you do not react, the communications indicate you’ll face consequences.

Phishing and SMiShing working through legitimate looking emails or text messages requiring you to click on a link.  When you click on a link, the website looks legitimate.

Many Vishing and SmiShing calls and text messages come from 800 numbers that are actually from legitimate and trusted sources as the fraudsters can spoof the numbers.  If you call the number, the number may be linked to an automated system.

To gain your trust, sometimes Fraudsters will bait you with friendly conversation, text messages or emails.

FirstOak Bank will never call, email or send you a text message and ask for your personal information.