What is Smishing?

What is Smishing?

Smishing is cyber crime carried out through text messages on your phones and tablet.

Here’s more:

Cybercrime aimed at mobile devices is skyrocketing – especially among texting and SMS messages since the technology works among all devices and tablets. Since this form of cyber attack reaches you on your phone or tablet, it has the capability to catch you when you’re in a hurry or not paying as close attention making you more likely to get caught off gaurd.

To get to the point, cyber criminals are out there to steal your personal data which will eventually get them enough information to steal money – sometimes yours but also sometimes your company’s.

Here’s how you can protect yourself!

  • When you get an unsolicited message, don’t act swiftly – act with caution.
  • No financial institution or merchant will ask you to update your account information
  • Never click a reply link or phone number in a message you are unsure about
  • Look out for suspicious calling or texting numbers
  • Refuse to take the bait – don’t respond