Crisis Response

Crisis Response

At FirstOak, we pride ourselves on serving our customers in ways our competitors cannot. Being a family-owned, community bank, we have the ability and flexibility to make decisions based on your individual situation.

We jumped in head first, a little bit blind, which is not normally what we do.

But we realized it was a time when businesses needed us to step up to the plate.

It was very eerie; I get goose bumps just thinking about it

Is this really happening?

We as a bank were like, “How far is this going to go? How big of an impact is it going to have?”

The first things that we did as an organization is we looked at all of our customers and we asked “How are they going to be impacted? Who is going to be the most severely impacted? Who is going to be moderately impacted?”

And we started to develop a plan. We wanted to be proactive about it.

We didn’t want to wait until things got so bad that customers were coming to us.

We said it is all hands on deck from a lending perspective.

Al and I and others, here in Pueblo worked on that.

We worked nights, we worked weekends – some nights it was 10:00 – 10:30 when we went home some nights.

I called one of my customers and they asked “Are you still working?” and I said, “We are not going home until we are at a stopping point.