Financial Stability During COVID-19

Financial Stability During COVID-19

Meet the bankers that care – “We’re not going home until we feel we’re at a stopping point.”

Unprecedented times doesn’t have to mean financial unrest. Randy’s here to talk about our crisis response, as well as FirstOak Bank’s devotion to YOU and your family 🏡

We are very fortunate being a family owned bank and a smaller community owned bank

We didn’t have to form a committee – we didn’t have to do a study to determine how it was going to impact us.

We got on the phone. We called each other and the President of the bank and all the executive team the bank and decided we are going to do this.

Ive kind of done the larger, middle sized banks and the big community bank and I’ve also worked at a large bank. No way. A community bank is definitely for me.

It’s just so nice to be able to take care of our customers instead of stuck inside a box that says I can only make decisions for this, that and other thing you know.

It’s nice to be able to take care of your customers and at the end of the day knowing that you did what was best for them from the customers point of view.

With a bigger bank you get a lot of bigger bells and whistles probbably but at a smaller community bank can afford.

With a small community bank you get the people. The people that make the decisions and help you and handle whatever it is you need to have handle whatever you need to have handled on a local level without having to call somewhere on a local level without having to call somewhere else, get approvals or not get approvals.

So without a doubt being able to help customers in just a smaller community bank you have more authority with people that are happening as opposed to a larger bank where you have a limit of what you can do and beyond that you have to go to somebody else to get decisions made.