What You Should Know About CONSTRUCTION LOANS

What You Should Know About CONSTRUCTION LOANS

What happens when you apply for a construction loan? 👷

We work with you and review your situation personally. There is no computer or algorithm that approves or disapproves you for the loan! We are about the people – that is what we love about what we do.

I think we’ve done better than the other banks as far as construction loans because we are hands-on

My name is Tyson Oakes and I’ve been at the bank since 2007.

We don’t have a computer system that tells us what’s a good loan or bad loan or tells you what you fit in a specific box or black and white.

It’s more than that – It’s about relationships and it’s what we know.

My name is Melinda Welsch. Ive been here for a little over thirteen years.

I kind of run the new account teller function which really means they turn to me when there’s problems and that’s about it because they all know any more than I do

What I love here are the people.

The customers are amazing and we have the time to spend with our customers and we enjoy them and get to know them and its wonderful because it’s like family and these are the people

What I love about the industry and the industry of banking is the people.

I get to deal with people all the time and I get to meet new people and solve problems and fix their problems and help them make money which in turn helps us make money so those are the things I love about it

I think that is important with our bank is it’s the people, our customers and our customers are important.

That’s pretty much the gist of it.

and that about it because they all